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Staff Car – VW Up! GTI

VW’s tiny city car with a little punch. A 1.0 turbo engine might seem comical, but 113bhp and 148lb-ft in a car that weighs less than a tonne makes for some seriously enjoyable driving. Despite being an entry level car it comes with plenty of GTI refinements, but there are always things that need to […]

Ferrari 458 – Akra + Vossen + Carbon Fibre

The Ferrari 458 could be one of the prettiest Ferraris ever made, super sleek lines making it almost subtle and elegant rather than screaming in your face. The screaming in your face is left to the naturally aspirated 4.5 V8 that revs all the way to 9,000rpm, making some seriously intoxicating noises. With all that […]

Project Car – Toyota GR Yaris

If you follow our social media, no doubt you have seen a few pics of the GR Yaris. This is a joint project between us and ADR Fuelled, if you haven’t already you should definitely check out their Insta for some seriously cool car content. Since its arrival with us it has gone through a […]

Staff Car – Audi S1

A very capable little car, fitted with the same IS20 Equipped EA888.3 2.0T that you find in the MK7 GTI in a smaller 4wd package. With it being manual the limitations of the stock clutch were found pretty quickly and with plans for more power, an upgrade was required to prevent constant clutch slip/failure. The […]

KW V3 Suspension – Mini R58 JCW

KW V3 Suspension – Mini R58 JCW When you already own one of the best handling cars around it makes sense that when upgrading the suspension to pick the best on offer. Kw V3’s are the ultimate road coilover. The adjustability allows you to set them up exactly how you want it. It also allows […]

Eibach Springs and Spacers – BMW M4

The BMW M4 is already a great looking car, but the Eibach Pro kit coupled with some Spacers just gives it a little more edge. Spec: Eibach Pro Kit 20mm Front 10-15mm Rear ST Suspensions Spacer Package Dropping the ride height by 15-20mm and filling those wide arches really gives the M4 a meaner, wider […]

Staff Car – Ford Fiesta ST

Current Spec: – Peron Stage 1+ ECU Upgrade – ITG Intake – Eibach Pro Kit lowering springs – ST Suspensions Spacer Kit (12.5mm front 15mm rear) Tuning The PERON stage 1 + upgrade has proven its worth thousands of times over. Always making consistent, smooth power. We highly recommend this set up to anyone thinking […]

Mini Clubman Cooper S Stage 2 Conversion

Mini Clubman Cooper S Stage 2 Conversion   Andrew got in touch with us regarding our stage 2 package to suit is R55 Clubman Cooper S. He was looking to make the best of the power available but to keep it reliable and conventional for every day use. We set about fitting our stage 2 […]

Staff Car – Volkswagen Golf MK5 GTI

Our sales manager recently changed his car to a 2005 Volkswagen Golf GTI 2.0TFSI. These engines are prime for tuning, capable of some impressive performance gains with just basic modifications. The car came to us with H&R 30mm lowering springs already installed. Providing the Golf with a much needed drop and still retaining drivability and ride […]

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