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Staff Car – Ford Fiesta ST

Current Spec:
– Peron Stage 1+ ECU Upgrade
– ITG Intake
– Eibach Pro Kit lowering springs
– ST Suspensions Spacer Kit (12.5mm front 15mm rear)


The PERON stage 1 + upgrade has proven its worth thousands of times over. Always making consistent, smooth power. We highly recommend this set up to anyone thinking of tuning their Fiesta. Add an ITG or PERON intake alongside the Stage 1 + upgrade and see a power increase of 35whp and 66lbft torque.


We are big fans of the Eibach pro kit range. Always offering a great balance of comfort, performance and a decent drop over standard ride height. The Fiesta kit is no exception. As seen in the pictures it offers a substantial drop, but leaves plenty of room to ensure speed bumps can be tackled with ease. The new lower centre of gravity gives more stability while cornering at speed, enhancing the driving experience on both road and track.


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