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Staff Car – Volkswagen Golf MK5 GTI

Our sales manager recently changed his car to a 2005 Volkswagen Golf GTI 2.0TFSI. These engines are prime for tuning, capable of some impressive performance gains with just basic modifications. The car came to us with H&R 30mm lowering springs already installed. Providing the Golf with a much needed drop and still retaining drivability and ride quality. untitled (20 of 21)resized untitled (21 of 21)Resized

Before any tuning or aftermarket parts could be fitted the car needed a full service (using genuine parts) and a check on the fuel pump cam follower. A common issue with the 2.0TFSI engines is excess wear on the cam follower ultimately leading to fuel pump failure and/or damage to the cam. For peace of mind a brand new Genuine VAG cam follower was fitted. Another common issue is the standard Diverter Valve failing and loosing boost. This car was no exception, having several holes in the OEM DV diaphragm. This was replaced alongside the GFB DV+, eliminating the chance of the problem reoccurring and allowing the DV to hold boost for longer. The lower engine mount was also a little tired and worn. Using the SuperPro lower engine mount we managed to stop excess movement occurring under hard acceleration and gear changes, giving a better response and feel during fast gear changes.

As can happen with a lot of cars of a certain age, the exhaust on the golf had become corroded and brittle over time. As a result the original backbox detached itself from the rest of the system. Time for an upgrade! The standard cat back system was removed completely in favour of a 3″ Scorpion Cat Back system.

In preparation to take the car to APR stage 2 we installed an Integrated Engineering intake. All that is left to install the stage 2 software is a performance downpipe and High Pressure Fuel Pump upgrade (HPFP).

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