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Project Car – Toyota GR Yaris

If you follow our social media, no doubt you have seen a few pics of the GR Yaris. This is a joint project between us and ADR Fuelled, if you haven’t already you should definitely check out their Insta for some seriously cool car content. Since its arrival with us it has gone through a few different iterations, with it appearing in a few different colours and in various states of change. In this post we are going to run through the progress of the GR from start to its current state, talk about the different upgrades and why we chose them. Get comfy, this might be quite a long read!

Lets start right back at the beginning, totally stock!

There is no doubt that even in standard form, this is an awesome little car. You might be this far into reading and thinking, what is a German specialist doing making a project out of a Toyota? Every so often a car comes along that can’t be ignored, no matter how strong your brand blinkers are. This is one of them. Tiny, light, 4wd, manual and 275bhp. It’s got fun written all over it!

First mods to hit the Yaris were the Eventuri Carbon Fibre Intake and Milltek GPF Back Exhaust. Probably everyone’s first port of call when modding is an intake or exhaust, but no car has needed it more. In stock form this car is extremely quiet and the stock exhaust tips are dwarfed by the cutouts in the diffuser. The car is quite literally begging for an exhaust upgrade. The Milltek provided both. Opting for the brushed titanium tips and non resonated system, we had the exhaust sorted albeit a little on the lairy side.

Eagle eyed readers will have spotted the car is now Blue! Don’t get attached.
The Eventuri was next up, with its huge carbon scoop and intake, paired with the Wagner intake elbow.
Why Eventuri? At the time it was one of few intakes with a proven power gain (12bhp – 18lbft) but the only one that looks this good. On top of the power gain and stunning looks, it gives some pretty meaty turbo wooshes, who doesn’t want that?!

That concluded the “first wave” of upgrades really while decisions were made about suspension upgrades and solutions for more power. But at least for the time being, sounded like the little B-road warrior it is! Something really needed to be done about the stance and ride height…..

Choosing wheels can be a nightmare for any car, but the Yaris has some seriously wide arches to fill. The standard wheels are great, don’t get us wrong. But once lowered they look comically narrow and tucked in, especially at the back. Sure we could throw some spacers at it to push them out a bit. But why do that when you can just fit some 9J HRE RC103’s?! And yes, you read that correctly. NINE J. Or nine inches wide for those unsure what J means.

Wide, Concave and Motorsport inspired design. Perfect. Fitting these coincided with fitting the Eibach Pro Kit, we wouldn’t bare the thought of fitting the HRE’s with masses of arch gap! The new HRE’s were wrapped in some Nankang NS-2R’s, providing some serious grip. Ideal for fast road and occasional track use.

The Eibach Pro Kit is a perfect drop for a road car in our opinion, no serious impact on comfort either.
30mm front, 25mm rear. Don’t worry, you haven’t gone colourblind. It’s gone grey! With that, the Yaris went to its first show at the Drivers Collection.

As perfect as the drop is from the springs, we needed more adjustability to accomodate the width of the HRE’s on the front and to give it more aggressive handling characteristics. So we went big.

KW has entered the chat. This was always the end game suspension wise but as with everything, timeframes and lead times can get in the way! 3 way adjustable Clubsports. Exactly what we needed to get the stance and handling characteristics we wanted.

Even lower, more camber and looking mean as hell. Needless to say it couldn’t stay this low, drivability always takes priority. But it didn’t stop us from doing a quick “scene stance test”. It’s important that we note here that Clubsports are not our recommended set up for normal road use. The V3’s are a better choice for a road car, but consider the clubsports if you see yourself doing a decent amount of track time.

From the start we were gearing up for more power, ordering and fitting the usual bolt on upgrades as they were released. The next piece of the puzzle arrived from our friends at Wagner. Their competition intercooler and charge pipe upgrade. This high-performance intercooler offers an 24 % larger frontal surface and 69 % more core volume compared to the stock intercooler. Plenty of cooling ability moving forward!

Next up was to make a change to the exhaust set up. With the addition of a new downpipe the combination with the existing Milltek system was too much, and a certain Slovenian exhaust manufacturer had just released the perfect replacement. Our beloved Milltek GPF back system was removed and replaced by a Milltek HJS downpipe and Akrapovic system with Evolution Link Pipe. The Akra weighs in at 7,8 kg, which is 37 % lighter than stock and yields power gains of 12.9 hp at 6,950 rpm and torque increases of 13.0 Nm at 6,950 rpm when tested on the Akrapovič dyno against a Toyota GR Yaris with a standard stock exhaust.

Ultimately the exhaust is still pretty loud but not quite as agressive. The weight reduction and proven power gains weren’t something that could be ignored. As the build has progressed it has turned into a showcase of the who’s who of premium performance upgrades, representing the very best of what is available in the aftermarket. Ideal really as this is what we strive for when we provide upgrades to customers.

Thats enough of the bolt on upgrades, it’s time to see what this little 3 cylinder turbo motor can do….

To save you squinting and zooming, thats 335bhp and 342lb-ft. Some serious power, enough to play with some more powerful cars for sure. Everything has come together perfectly, turning this little Yaris in to a formidable B-road basher and giving it plenty of potential to shine on track should the opportunity arise. What’s next for it? That remains to be seen. But for now, just one more appearance change!

Spec so far:
Eventuri Intake
Wagner Turbo Inlet
Wagner Intercooler
Wagner Chargepipes
Milltek HJS Downpipe
Akrapovic Evolution System
KW 3 Way Clubsports
CLP Stage 2 ECU Calibration
Nankang NS-2R Tyres

Got a Yaris that needs some upgrades? drop us an email – We are always happy to talk performance!

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