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Staff Car – VW Up! GTI

VW’s tiny city car with a little punch. A 1.0 turbo engine might seem comical, but 113bhp and 148lb-ft in a car that weighs less than a tonne makes for some seriously enjoyable driving. Despite being an entry level car it comes with plenty of GTI refinements, but there are always things that need to be improved.
First things first. Suspension.
A ride height that would make you nervous approaching low bridges with spine shattering stiffness would be the best way to describe the stock set up. Oddly roll-y considering how firm the car is too.

We wanted something that would improve the ride quality drastically. Lower ride height and improved handling and stability were wanted too, but the focus was actually on comfort. KW V3’s ticked all these boxes, allowing us to find a sweet spot between all 3.

Looking and driving much better, aesthetics improved, handling enhanced, but a vast improvement in ride quality making ti a much more pleasant car to drive. Next up, a couple of induction mods. Racingline Turbo Inlet and a Sprint Filters Panel Filter for a little extra airflow and some mild turbo wooshes.

Wheels. The standard wheels are a bit marmite, some people hate the diamond cut OEM look, others think they suit the car perfectly. We’re with the latter, but we do love a motorsport themed multispoke wheel too. Considering this cars commute can get a bit sketchy in the winter we figured we could scratch the itch for a different wheel by getting some winter wheels and tyres. In steps the MSW 85. A very affordable 16″ wheel in a matt gunmetal grey finish. They look the part and are surprisingly light, win win.

They look soo good that we are considering making the change permanent. Not pictured are some fresh brakes in the form of Vagbremtechnic hoocked discs and EBC red stuff pads. Redstuff was chosen for the low dust aspect and previous adequacy on another car. While the low dust feature is great and really does work, we would recommend something like Ferodo DS Performance if you intend to do some spirited driving.

Current Spec:
KW V3 Coilovers
Racingline Turbo Inlet
Sprint Filter
MSW 85 Winter Wheels
Vagbremtechnic Front Discs (not pictured)
EBC Redstuff Front Pads (not pictured)
ST Rear Spacers (not pictured)

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