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BMW E92 M3 2008 – Akrapovic

BMW E92 M3 2008 – Akrapovic

When we purchased our E92 M3 we ran it on the hub dyno to get a base line figure. It made a disappointing 330bhp at the wheels. We compared it with other m3’s that had been run on the same dyno and found that this figure was fairly typical. We were struggling to see a loss of 84bhp through the transmission. Transmission losses on the m3 are fairly large but this seemed excessive to us.

We gave the car a full service including plugs and replaced the Vanos solenoids. After this we installed a full Akrapovic evolution titanium exhaust system with the carbon fibre tailpipes.

This system is one of Akrapovic’s finest, it really does look and sound amazing.

The installation was finished of with a carbon intake and filter which gave a fantastic growl under load.

We then dyno’d the car again which returned a much healthier 381bhp at the wheels which meant a healthy 51bhp gain. Its safe to say these modifications made the car, not only did it perform fantastically, it sounded amazing too.

12 23 Karztec M3 E92 carbon intake Karztec M3 E92 carbon intake

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