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Audi S3 8V – APR Stage 1

Audi S3 8V – APR Stage 1

APR software is proving very popular on the the EA888 Gen 3 engines and its not hard to see why. This S3 came to us totally stock and the owner looking for a remap only.

The car gained 61bhp and 107lb-ft of torque over the stock figures, no hardware required. With this serious increase in power the car will feel much faster on the road and not just when driving hard. The increase in midrange torque will make day to day driving effortless. The same APR upgrade is available for the Golf MK7 R and the Leon Cupra. Stage one is the best “bang for buck” modification you can make. If you are interested in an APR ECU or TCU upgrade for your car or need more information, please contact our sales team
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