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Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust System – Mercedes G63 AMG

Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust System – Mercedes G63 AMG

Even though they have been around for decades it’s not every day you see a G-Wagon, even more so an AMG version.

The G63 AMG has the same monstrous V8 twin turbo that you find in other AMG models, not just known for power, but the sound too.
Our customer wanted more from his G63, the sound of a friends Range Rover SVR was making the G-Wagon sound a little tame. After giving us a quick call the decision was made to fit the Akrapovic Evolution system to really unleash the AMG V8 sound. The added perk of shedding a huge 16kg of weight and arguably one of the nicest exhaust tips available from Akrapovic was a nice bonus too.

With the valve open, the exhaust note is exactly as you’d hope. A deep, powerful V8 sound. With the valve closed it’s perfectly civilised. The valve can be opened at any time by the push of a button to suit the situation.

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