Motul Car Care Express Shine


Motul Car Care Express Shine 500ml Spray

Waterless washing.

MOTUL® Express Shine efficiently degreases the car bodywork thanks to its active formulation without rinsing.

It removes the greasy film, tars, and other residues without damaging the car’s body.

Effectively degreases the entire body thanks to its active formulation without water.

It is particularly recommended to obtain the appearance of new colours which tend to tarnish.

Highlights paint and leave a bright finish.

Ideal for application between two vehicle washes.

To be used without rinsing.

It dries without leaving traces and leaves a shiny and dry protective film.

Protects against dust, insects, mud, etc.

Beads water and prevents dirt from sticking.


Shake the product before use.
Then, spray the product on clean and cold surfaces 20 cm (7-8 inches) away from the surface to be treated.

Proceed in small areas by buffing the product with circular movements using the specially designed Motul Car Body Microfibre (see part 110109).

Test in an inconspicuous area before initial use.

Please do not use it in direct sunlight or on hot surfaces.

Please look at the MSDS sheet and the information mentioned on the spray.

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