CSF Intercoolers – Porsche 991 GT2 RS


CSF Intercoolers – Porsche 991 GT2 RS

For a long time the only solution for a Porsche 991 GT2 RS intercooler upgrade was not an upgrade, but a band-aid for the stock 1990’s style water spray system which sprays water from a reservoir in the frunk and onto the intercoolers. The band-aid was to install a larger capacity water tank which simply delayed the inevitable running out of water and output to be automatically limited by the factory ECU to try to keep the engine safe. Until you refilled the reservoir again it’s likely your 991 GT2 RS would struggle with charge temps and limited output.

Experts in cooling CSF and PWR have joined operations to deliver a High-Performance Intercooler Upgrade for the 991 GT2 RS which eliminates heat soak and lowers charge air temps on stock, tuned and tracked cars. CSF achieves this by using an F1 performance grade core which dramatically improves the efficiency of the intercoolers within the same space constraints.

The CSF High-Performance Intercoolers for the GT2 RS boasts 13 more cooling rows than the stock intercooler, boasting 28 rows in total vs. the stock 15. The tube height and fin height is also maximised with the CSF core boasting a dual-row 3mm rolled tube vs. the factory 7mm height and the CSF core uses a fin height of 4.85mm vs. the factory 7mm. As you can see, the CSF core maximises performance in every area.

The differences don’t just end in performance. The CSF High-Performance Intercoolers for the GT2 RS also boast reliability and durability improvements. Customer feedback has reported numerous failures with the standard end-tanks which uses an un-secure and failure-prone crimped and gasketed mechanism which can leak over time with numerous boost cycles and increased boost pressure with tuned cars, whereas the CSF High-Performance Intercoolers for the GT2 RS is 100% TIG welded for maximum reliability and durability.

Stock Porsche Intercooler Specification

  • # of Tubes = 15
  • Tube Height = 7mm
  • Fin Height = 7mm
  • Weight = 8.146KG
  • Cast End Tanks, Crimped with Gaskets


CSF High-Performance GT2 RS Intercooler Specification

  • # of Tubes = 28
  • Tube Height = 3mm Rolled Tube
  • Fin Height = 4.85mm
  • Weight = 8.146KG
  • Billet End Tanks with TIG Welding

Additional information

Weight 15 kg



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