CSF by PWR Intercooler System – Porsche 911 Turbo + Turbo S (992)


CSF by PWR Intercooler System – Porsche 911 Turbo + Turbo S (992)

With increased power, also comes higher levels of heat generated by the engine system. This is why an upgraded intercooler system is especially important in a turbo application. The new CSF 992 Turbo/S Intercooler System is a “must have” bolt-on modification, considering placement of the intercooler system on top of the engine.

Since the inception of the first water-cooled Porsche 911 Turbo with the 996 variant in 2001, the Turbo has been regarded as “the everyday supercar.” With each subsequent model, from 997, then 991, and now with the new 992, the boundaries of usable performance have been pushed on the street, racetrack, and drag strip. The Porsche Turbo is one of the most advanced tuning platforms around the world, with modifications ranging from simple bolt-ons and tunes, to built engines, upgraded turbos, and standalone ECU management systems on vehicles pushing well over 1,000WHP.

How The New Porsche 992 Intercooler System Works

Unconventional to the typical individual side-mounted intercoolers behind the ducts of the front doors found in previous water-cooled Turbo models, the new 992 generation has moved the intercooler system to the top of the engine compartment with fresh ambient air now being transferred into the intercooler system through redesigned intercooler ducts sitting beneath the rear decklid.

Cold, fresh air is scooped in by the intercooler ducts, positioned on each side of the car’s rear quarter panels. The air then travels into the inlet tanks on each side of the intercooler system module. The heat transfer process takes place as the charge-air moves through the intercooler core and the ambient air passes through the core from the top intercooler ducts, and exits below the vehicle. The intercooled charge-air from both cores is then merged in the single center section outlet tank before entering the y-pipe connected to the engine’s throttle body.

Formula-1 Grade Core Technology

The most important feature of the CSF by PWR 992 Turbo/S Intercooler System is the Formula-1 grade intercooler core. CSF’s strategic relationship with PWR has allowed the inclusion of this core, which is unlike any other available in the performance aftermarket.

  • 2-Row Core Featuring Rolled Tubes w/ Inner Fins
  • 33 Tubes vs. OEM 17
  • 3mm Rolled Tube vs. OEM 7mm
  • 4.85mm Fin Height vs. OEM 8mm

CNC Machined Billet Construction

The most apparent difference of the high-performance intercooler system from CSF is the beautiful 100% TIG-welded all aluminum construction, compared to the OEM crimped-on plastic tank design. This feature is especially important in high-boost applications, where the plastic tanks can crack under the stress of higher pressure, or on the racetrack due to higher vibrations.


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