CLP Stage 1 – BMW M135i

Make the best of the Straight 6 twin scroll turbo engine in your M135i with our stage 1 ECU upgrade.
The Stage 1 ECU upgrade is an expertly produced software calibration where all engine parameters are adjusted to ensure individual components such as injectors and turbocharger are running at their most efficient whilst working within their own manufacturers recommended specifications. Software includes performance gauge recalibration.

This software calibration is the result of 100’s of hours of dyno development and both on road and dynamometer stress testing before being released as a commercial product.

What kind of power will I see?
At stage 1 we expect to see around 365bhp and 380lb-ft

Do I need to upgrade any parts on my car?
No, our stage 1 software is designed to be used on a totally stock car, however adding a downpipe will see additional gains. Up to 380bhp and 450lb-ft.

All ECU upgrades include a before and after run on our Dyno to provide you with peace of mind that the car is running smoothly, and proof of power for bragging rights!

To book your car in for an ECU upgrade, please contact the team:
01142 701025


Make Model Year Engine
Make Model Year Engine
BMW 1 Series F2X Series (2011 - 2019) M135i N55 (325-322ps)