TVS Stage 2 ECU Upgrade – EA888.3 IS20



TVS Stage 2 ECU Upgrade – EA888.3 IS20

TVS custom ECU software solutions for the 2.0TSI EA888.3 IS20 are divided into different performance levels, supporting various fuel grades and suitable for both with or without any hardware modifications.
At this stage*, the car needs to be fitted with a performance downpipe and intake system including the elbow. These are minimum requirements, for the best shot at achieving maximum quoted figures you will need an intercooler upgrade too. Transmission upgrades** are essential at this level.

POWER  220-230 hp   350hp   +120 hp
TORQUE   258lb-ft  383lb-ft   +125lb-ft


Figures maximum values measured on a car using 99ron fuel.
*TVS ECU tuning stages work slightly differently to what we are used to. Please note these figures are advertised as “stage 2+” on the TVS website.
** In addition to required hardware, TVS TCU Stage 3 software is required to run this torque level on the DQ250 (6 Speed) and TCU Stage 2+ on the DQ381 (7 Speed). On a manual car we strongly suggest upgrading your clutch before tuning.
If you are unsure what gearbox your car has please contact us.

Features and Options:

Temperature Protection
Next to increased performance, TVS enhanced engine cooling and oil temperature management keeps your engine within optimal and safe temperature limits for maximum performance, durability and reliability!

Improved Fuel Efficiency
Besides increasing performance, TVS is always focussing on several parameters related to fuel economy, especially while city driving or highway cruising. Depending on several factors such as driving style and fuel quality, improved fuel economy may be achieved.

Vehicle Speed Limiter
TVS is able to adjust or remove the vehicle speed limiter from your vehicle to any desired value.

Engine Rev Limiter
TVS is able to adjust or remove the engine speed limiter from your engine to any desired value.

Motorsport (Hard Cut) Rev Limiter
Most factory vehicles limit the engine power output before hitting the actual (hard) rev limit by closing the throttle valve. TVS Motorsport REV limiter allows to reach the actual rev limit without prelimiting the engine power output first. This way all the engine power stays available up to the actual rev limit which allows better acceleration and a true motorsport experience.

Lambda / O2 delete (decat)
When installing a decat downpipe it is important to carefully recalibrate the ECU software and optionally disable the function of the second lambda sensor located after the removed catalyst.

Exhaust Crackle / Pops & Bangs
For various gasoline ECU’s TVS developed exhaust crackle sound software also known as “Pops & Bangs”. This feature will add an outstanding crackle to your exhaust sound after lifting off the throttle, decelerating or while free revving at standstill.
Please note that we do not recommend using this feature on a stock downpipe or sports cat.

Start/Stop OFF
For those of you that hate the Start/Stop technology TVS can fully deactivate this feature within the ECU software. For some models, reversing of the functionality is also available.

Additional information

Software Options

Just ECU Software, Add TCU Software

Make Model Year Engine
Make Model Year Engine
Audi A1 2010 - 2018 S1 2.0TFSI
Audi A3 8V (2012 - 2020) 2.0TFSI (223ps)
Audi TT 8S (2014 - Present) 2.0TFSI (230ps)
Skoda Octavia 5e (2013 - 2020) VRS 2.0TSI (220-245ps)
Volkswagen Golf MK7 (2012 - 2016) GTI 2.0TSI (220-230PS)
Volkswagen Golf MK7.5 (2017 - 2020) 2.0TSI GTI (230-245ps)