Racingline Oil Cap – EA839


Racingline Oil Cap – EA839


The RacingLine Billet Oil Cap is beautifully over-engineered in customary RacingLine fashion to give an exquisite feel and exceptional product experience.

Our oil cap is all about the ‘click’.

Never again will you worry whether you tightened your oil cap fully – as this billet aluminium cap clicks hard and locks into place.

The precision engineering ensures absolute tightness when fitted, even with the heat soak from a high performance engine.

This cap will ensure that you’ll never again have the problem of ‘weeping’ oil leaks from the standard cap – a known issue with all TSI engines.

This cap will fit B8 + B9 S4/S5/RS4/RS5  engines and the R8 V10

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Weight 2 kg



Make Model Year Engine
Make Model Year Engine
Audi A4 B8 (2008 - 2016) S4 3.0TFSI (333ps)
Audi A4 B9 (2015 - Present) S4 3.0TFSI (354ps)
Audi A5 B8 (2007 - 2016) S5 3.0TFSI (333ps)
Audi A5 B9 (2017 - Present) S5 3.0TFSI (354ps)
Audi R8 2015 - present 5.2 V10
Audi RS4 B8 (2012 - 2015) 4.2 V8
Audi RS4 B9 (2018 - Onwards) 2.9TFSI
Audi RS5 B8 (2012 - 2017) 4.2 V8
Audi RS5 B9 (2017 - Present) 2.9TFSI (450ps)