Racingline Front Lift Springs – Volkswagen Amarok


Racingline Front Lift Springs – Volkswagen Amarok

From factory, the front of the Amarok sits lower than the rear. The RacingLine Front Lift Springs correct this nose-down attitude, giving valuable extra clearance for off-road use.

They replace the car’s two front standard springs with a pair of longer, re-engineered Lift Springs. By lifting the nose by around 25mm, the ride height is nicely levelled front to rear.

This is particularly relevant on older models, where sagging front springs are a very common problem – which only exaggerates the nose-down stance.

The 25mm extra front lift is especially valuable for any vehicle used off-road, allowing for steeper approach angles and clearance under the engine/gearbox.

These springs are developed to work perfectly with the factory front dampers. No other changes are needed to either front or rear suspension components.



Make Model Year Engine
Make Model Year Engine
Volkswagen Amarok 2010 - 2020 2.0 BiTDI
Volkswagen Amarok 2010 - 2020 3.0 V6 TDI