Powerflex Handling Pack – Audi S1


Powerflex Handling Pack – Audi S1

We have put together our own Powerflex handling pack for the Audi S1.
Included in the kit:
Front Wishbone Front Bush
Front Wishbone Rear Bush
Lower Engine Mount Bush

Why have this fitted?
It’s becoming increasingly common on this platform for the bushes to “debond”, this happens when the original rubber bushing starts to wear/deteriorate. This can cause an odd feeling of the car moving around beneath you, vague feeling steering or sudden pulls over un-even surfaces. The Powerflex wishbone bush polyurethane replacements offer stronger material and no voids in the bush, meaning greater longevity and more precise handling characteristics. The lower engine mount replacement helps with “transmission slop”. Under hard acceleration and between gear changes the engine will move back and forth as load is removed/applied. While this is totally normal, on a tuned car the load is greater meaning more movement. This movement increases wear on the lower engine mount and can lead to knocking sounds when accelerating, decelerating and between gear changes as the bush fails to dampen the movement. The Powerflex insert cures these issues without creating intrusive vibration and can make for a much smoother driving experience, particularly between gear changes.

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Make Model Year Engine
Audi A1 (2010 - 2018) S1 2.0TFSI