OZ Superturismo Aero – Audi A3 (8V)


OZ Superturismo Aero – Audi A3 (8V)

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OZ has worked tirelessly with the most prestigious and innovative teams in all types of racing – from Formula 1 to Rally, Indy to Formula E – transforming an embryonic concept of wheel aerodynamics into a genuine philosophy. Practical proof that aerodynamic optimization is the most important aspect one can control to make vehicles faster.More than 35 years of racing experience have clearly demonstrated just how crucial enhanced aerodynamics are to speed, along with light weight and research into new materials.

Enter the new Superturismo Aero.

The first aftermarket wheel to be tested in a wind tunnel.
The first aftermarket wheel with pure racing-derived appendages and aerodynamic details.

Pure racing-derived shapes and aerodynamic details.
A wheel that embodies all of Oz’s racing experience, put to the test under the most challenging conditions.

Special F1-derived aerodynamic inserts reduce air drag.
Aerodynamic inserts promote an aerodynamic effect with a look reminiscent of Formula 1 wheels.

An airflow extraction system increases air circulation and improves heat dissipation.
An F1-derived airflow extraction system increases air circulation, dissipating the heat generated during braking.

Weight reduction, stiffness optimization, improved handling.
Manufacturing technology that makes the wheel lighter – which further elevates performance dynamics – while ensuring the kind of structural integrity required to pass the most stringent safety tests. The exclusive HLT manufacturing process delivers mechanical characteristics comparable to those of a forged wheel, in terms of both weight reduction and structural strength.

The Central Lock Look CAP mimics the single-nut closure typical of racing wheels.


Additional information

Weight 45 kg

18×8 ET35, 18×8 ET48, 19×8 ET35, 19×8 ET49, 19×8 ET45, 19×8.5 ET45, 19×8.5 ET49, 19×8.5 ET38, 19×9 ET42


OZ Racing

Make Model Year Engine
Make Model Year Engine
Audi A3 8V (2012 - 2020) 1.2TFSI (105ps)
Audi A3 8V (2012 - 2020) 1.4TFSI (125ps)
Audi A3 8V (2012 - 2020) 1.4TFSI (150ps)
Audi A3 8V (2012 - 2020) 1.6TDI (115ps)
Audi A3 8V (2012 - 2020) 1.8TFSI (180ps)
Audi A3 8V (2012 - 2020) 2.0TDI (150ps)
Audi A3 8V (2012 - 2020) 2.0TDI (184ps)
Audi A3 8V (2012 - 2020) 2.0TFSI (223ps)
Audi A3 8V (2012 - 2020) 40TFSI (2.0 190PS)