Milltek High Flow Downpipe Options – Volkswagen Arteon 2.0TSI 280 4Motion

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Milltek High Flow Downpipe Options – Volkswagen Arteon 2.0TSI 280 4Motion

  • Type: High Flow Downpipe
  • System Options: available in 200 Cell Race Cat or 200 Cell HJS High Quality Sports Cat
  • Stage 2 Mapping will be required to use this downpipe on your vehicle
  • not suitable for GPF equipped models
  • decat intended for off road use only


Milltek High Flow Downpipe Options – Volkswagen Arteon 2.0TSI 280 4Motion

All milltek’s new downpipes in this range will feature fully CAD designed and optimised casting that is made from 304 stainless steel, and are designed for the best possible fitment across the wide range of applications that they will be available for.

The new range will also benefit from improved flow rates due to the superior design as well as better thermal management properties over the traditional downpipe designs previously offered.

In-addition all downpipes will now feature “OEM” style soft flexi sections to improve durability and reduce transfer of unwanted noise, harshness or vibration into the cabin.

Milltek Sport Large-Bore Downpipes are perfect when looking to improve both performance and sound. These downpipes are fabricated with a larger diameter than standard OEM parts, meaning that there is significantly more space for more gas to exit the engine and pass through, increasing efficiency.

Used with our Catalyst Bypass Pipe, you can expect significant power-gain without any restriction on gas-flow made by a catalyst.

All our performance exhaust systems are designed with you in mind, and we cater to an ever-expanding range of vehicles. We believe in continuous evolution, and our research & development team work throughout the year to deliver the most in demand solutions to all your performance exhaust requirements. All of our products are made in the UK and distributed to more than 90 countries worldwide, making Milltek Sport one of the most accessible performance aftermarket brands on the market.

Whats so good about the cast section?
Heat management (cast retains heat which improves flow – also reduces the under bonnet temps as per the previous retention of heat)

Better flow as the transition from flange to pipework is smoother due to the casting design

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Make Model Year Engine
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