HEL Performance Rear Differential Oil Cooler Kit – Toyota GR Yaris


HEL Performance Rear Differential Oil Cooler Kit – Toyota GR Yaris

Under aggressive driving such as track days and even some fast road scenarios, we found the differential on a GR Yaris can often suffer with excessive heat issues. To try and combat this, we’ve developed this comprehensive kit from scratch on our own development vehicle. It appears we were successful.

Once the differential oil hits 82°C, the Mocal electric oil pump located safely in the boot sends the signal for the oil to flow through the oil cooler, which we’ve positioned on the underside of the vehicle to get maximum airflow.

We designated the race-proven and reliable Setrab oil cooler with the job of lowering the temperature of the diff oil to its optimal level. Lowering the oil temperature in a safe way extends the lifespan of both the expensive differential and fluid.

As a side benefit, this kit requires an additional 450ml of oil (nearly twice as much as standard!), which helps to reduce the servicing period of the differential and also aids in temperature management.

We recommend having this kit installed by a specialist as we give this kit a 4.5/5 installation difficulty rating.

What’s Included
  • Mocal high-flow electric oil pump
  • Custom HEL aluminium pump mounting bracket
  • Setrab Series 1 10 Row ProLine oil cooler
  • Custom HEL aluminium oil cooler mounting bracket
  • Preassembled HEL braided hoses with anodised aluminium fittings (includes high temperature heat sleeve where required)
  • Preassembled wiring harness with fused relay
  • 82°C (179.6°F) thermostat switch
  • All mounting hardware (includes aluminium hose separators and adapters)
  • Installation instructions

Additional information

Weight 8 kg



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