EBC RP-1 Racing Front Brake Pads – VAG Brembo Calliper (Multiple Fitment)


EBC RP-1 Racing Front Brake Pads – VAG Brembo Calliper (Multiple Fitment)

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EBC Brakes Racing’s dedicated motorsport pad RP-1™ pairs high-performance with unprecedented modulation and control, resulting in a track pad that feels uniquely different to the competition and allows drivers to extract every last tenth from each and every braking zone.

Designed for highly-powered low-medium weight vehicles driven hard on track, RP-1™ possesses a moderately high friction level of 0.45 between 100 – 750°C. The more progressive response characteristic of RP-1™ makes it well suited for inherently ‘over-servoed’ vehicles where a softer pad material is desirable to allow greater finesse when on the brakes.

RP-1™ also works superbly when used with many competitor (non-EBC) Big Brake Kits, where the more progressive pad response helps to negate the over-servoed sensation often experienced after fitment of larger diameter brake discs and calipers with large piston displacements.

EBC Racing would like to emphasise that it is not a case of RP-1 being ‘less good’ than RP-X™, rather it is ‘different’ and designed to provide a distinctly different response characteristic (less aggressive bite) which some drivers may prefer. For a detailed comparison between the 2 materials, please read the following article where we aim to help you make an informed choice on which material is likely to work best for your application and individual driving style.

  • Made 100% in EBC Brakes’ Bristol, UK pad factory
  • Stainless steel backing plates (reduced heat conduction, no paint)
  • Backplates feature Nucap® NRS® hook pad retention system
  • Good pad life with excellent disc life
  • NOT R90 approved for road-use in European markets

Additional information

Weight 4 kg



Make Model Year Engine
Make Model Year Engine
Audi R8 (2006 - 2015) 4.2 V8
Audi R8 (2006 - 2015) 5.2 V10
Audi R8 2015 - present 5.2 V10
Audi RS3 8V (2015 - 2020) 2.5TFSI (367ps)
Audi RS3 8V (2015 - 2020) 2.5TFSI (400ps)
Audi RS4 B7 (2006-2008) 4.2 V8
Audi RS4 B8 (2012 - 2015) 4.2 V8
Audi RS5 B8 (2012 - 2017) 4.2 V8
Audi RS6 C5 (2002 - 2004) 4.2 V8 Biturbo (450ps)
Audi RSQ3 (2013 - 2018) 2.5TFSI
Audi TT RS 8S (2014 - Present) 2.5TFSI
Lamborghini Gallardo 2003 - 2013 5.2 V10