Airtec Motorsport Catch Can – Toyota GR Yaris


Airtec Motorsport Catch Can – Toyota GR Yaris

AIRTEC Motorsport Oil Catch Can Kit for Toyota Yaris GR  

We’re proud to launch our oil catch can kit for the Toyota Yaris GR for fast road or track use.

Oil catch cans are vital preventative additions to ensure performance of Direct Injection engines doesn’t deteriorate over time.

AIRTEC Motorsport’s solution to developing a catch can kit specifically for the Yaris model utilises the available space to integrate seamlessly within the engine bay. It features a high-quality billet machined bracket, finished in powder-coated matt black, which allows the catch can to attach neatly in place.

The can itself features an internal baffle and dipstick, and detaches to allow easy maintenance. It comes with a comprehensive fitting kit that includes all fixtures and fittings, as well as a detailed installation guide.

Why do I need a catch can?
The original oil breather set up can cause issues with carbon build-up inside the engine’s intake system over time. It forms an oily sludge that covers parts of the intake and inlet valves, which reduces air flow and therefore performance.

Once the build-up has formed, it’s a costly process to clean, so it makes sense to take preventative measures in order to avoid carbon build-up forming. An catch can works as a filter to catch harmful contaminants before they can reach the inlet system.



  • Kit developed specifically for the Yaris GR
  • Easy, direct fit
  • Billet machined bracket
  • Comprehensive fitting guide

Additional information

Weight 5 kg



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Make Model Year Engine
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