Syvecs PNP ECU Kit – Toyota GR Yaris


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Syvecs PNP ECU Kit – Toyota GR Yaris

A full direct fit ECU Kit without compromise.

The Syvecs Toyota GR Yaris kit brings a new level of engine management control to the GR Yaris. Designed to work from a factory car to the highest level of motorsport. We have been helping Syvecs with the development and have this powerful ECU installed in our demonstrator. With the standard ECU not able to be tuned in the short term the Syvecs offers the complete solution to owners looking to maximise the performance with an ECU which can easily be reprogrammed as additional modifications are made. The Syvecs ECU also comes with detailed data logging which allows the tuner and driver to quickly download and review how the engine is performing.
The Syvecs ECU also does not bring on additional warning lights on the dash and displays the different map settings on the OE dashboard. For those cars fitted with a Flex fuel sensor to allow Ethanol to be used it even displays the Ethanol content Percentage on the instrument gauge.
Litchfield are very experienced in Syvecs tuning and its GR Yaris application so we can provide a full installation and mapping service.

The Syvecs plug in ECU provides the following features:



  • Live tuning of every aspect of the engine’s calibration
  • Live tuning of torque control for adjusting torque limiters and AWD operation
  • Adjustable launch control strategy based on speed, GPS or time
  • Flex fuel control with ethanol content shown on the dash
  • AWD duty / AWD temperature monitoring – Additional standalone AWD Controller also available
  • Direct injection and port Injection control
  • Electronic wastegate support
  • IMT functional
  • No cutting of factory wires or routing of cables into cabin needed.
  • Additional I/O available via 26 way header – 1 x K-Type input, 1 x GDI injector output, 1 x NTK/LSU input, 2 x CAN bus, 3 x spare outputs, RS232 connection
  • Flat foot shifting
  • Configurable engine safety trips on all important parameters: oil temperature, oil pressure, Lambda, fuel pressure and crankcase pressure
  • 64mb Built in data logging capacity using a market leading analysis software of over 8 hours worth of data, with logging sampling rates at up to 1kHz

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Make Model Year Engine
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