BMW M140i Akrapovic & JB4 Package

BMW M140i Akrapovic Evolution Line Stainless Steel Exhaust
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BMW M140i Akrapovic & JB4 Package

How about up to 60hp to the wheels (80hp crank) on a completely stock car on pump gas for a B58 or up to 40hp to the wheels for a B48? The JB4 features a simple plug and play installation harness for easy installation and includes many features not found on any other tune. Including on the fly in dash map switching between factory and various performance maps, optional in dash gauge displays for boost, boost limiting by gear for improved traction in lower gears, progressive water/methanol support, built in data logging, built in code reading, and much more. It automatically detects between the B48 and B58 models at boot up making installation and setup a snap.

Remember the JB4 does not require any additional modifications or previous stages. Simply install the JB4 as your first and only modification and enjoy an entirely new fast and smooth racing experience. The JB4 also does not require any user setup or customisation but we strongly suggest the BMS DATA cable so you can load free software updates.

The Evolution Line system will take the BMW M140i to the next level of exhaust and performance tuning. Designed to increase power and torque while also reducing weight, this perfectly sculpted system is constructed from high-quality austenitic stainless steel and finished with hand-crafted carbon-fibre tailpipes. For the best flow of exhaust gases from the engine, the system features an arrangement of two central link pipes, which replace the single stock-pipe design. Sound is enhanced through the use of a dual-mode ECU-controlled valve, which delivers a stock-level tone at normal cruising and an exciting deep sporty note as the driving gets more spirited. It is fully EC compliant and features simple plug-and-play installation for ease of use.

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BMW 1 Series (F20/F21) M140i